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10 Ways to Document Damages in Catastrophic Injury Cases

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There are many common mistakes attorneys make when assessing and documenting damages in catastrophic injury and disability cases. The Occupational Assessment Services “Ten Most Common Mistakes” book is an every day guide to help attorneys value their clients cases in a systematic approach.

Just a few common mistakes attorneys make when valuing a case are:

– Underestimating Damages in Head Injury Cases
– The Importance of Using Experts Early on in Your Case
– Documenting Damages From Only a Medical Standpoint

A common methodology attorneys use to calculate the worth of a case is to take a multiple of the medical costs or “specials”. This methodology may only be affective if the client requires extensive hospital treatment or medical care. In a case involving a serious permanent injury that requires minimal medical treatment, but impacts on the person’s employment, a multiple of the special costs will yield a low damage figure. A more appropriate methodology would be to tabulate the cost for the past, current and future medical treatment. These costs should indicate hospitalization, complicated surgeries, possible complications, equipment and supplies. A comprehensive report from the treating physician can encompass all of these areas and serve to document the medical costs.

Many attorneys accept a case knowing that the injuries are serious, but are deficient in assessing the vocational and economic consequences of the case. One of the most important and yet the most difficult processes performed by an attorney in evaluating a personal injury case is making an accurate determination of the case worth.

Download this FREE book authored by the leading vocational expert & life care planning professional, Edmond Provder, CRC, LCCP, D-ABVE.

Edmond Provder is the founder and president of Occupational Assessment Services, Inc., a published author of multiple articles, publications and is regarded as an expert in Vocational Evaluator Services, and in Employability and Social Security.